A low cost, low temperature sustainable process is needed to leverage recent advances in nanostructured coatings and access novel conductive materials that can be applied to low thermal budget substrates. Particular attention to Indium replacement has been highlighted due to its critical raw material status.


Develop alternative materials using widely available metallic elements compatible with sol-gel and printing technologies, and low temperature processes to fabricate transparent conducting coatings on flexible substrates. Employ full supply chain expertise through a dynamic partnership of leading companies and research institutions to provide fully integrated solutions.


Novel chemicals and formulations to enable printing of mixed metal oxide coatings employing sustainable, low cost materials. New treatment processes to convert coated materials to high performance conductive thin films and tracks at low temperature.

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INFINITY will develop an inorganic alternative to a scarce and high cost material, indium tin oxide (ITO), currently used as a Transparent Conductive Coating (TCC) for display electrodes on glass and plastic substrates. The novel conductive materials to be developed in this project will be based on low cost sol-gel chemistry using more widely available metallic elements and will leverage recent advances in nanostructured coatings. Novel printing procedures will also be developed to enable direct writing of multi and patterned nano-layers, removing the waste associated with etch patterning.

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